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Get off the couch to help our heroes with the Reno River Festival’s Virtual River Run! Participating is super simple: choose between the Battle Born and the Full Truckee then get moving. You complete the run at your own pace in your own home or neighborhood. When you’re finished, we’ll send you your medal and a donation to Feed Our Heroes – a group of Northern Nevada restaurants and sponsors committed to feeding our ER staff and first responders.

How you participate in the Virtual River Run is completely up to you. You can run, jog, walk, bike, skip…whatever gets you excited to get up and get moving. You can do it on your home treadmill or stationary bike, around your neighborhood or local trails, or just by doing laps inside your house. You get the point. It’s your choice! You can finish it in a day or over the course of a week or a month. You track your progress. Your completion is based on an honors system.


STEP ONE: Reach out to us and we will ship your medal directly to you

STEP TWO: When your medal arrives in the mail give a shout out to our heroes!

  • Post a picture or video with #VirtualRiverRun #GoBigAndStayHome #RenoRiverFestival #FeedOurHeroes
  • Include a message of gratitude and support to our first responders
  • Be entered for your chance to win Reno River Festival adventures and swag

We may be apart, but we are still one community. Let’s go big and stay home!


Registration: $45 – Provides at least 3 meals from local restaurants to first responders
($35 for each additional family member living at the same address)

Upon Completion: Includes a 5-inch Medal and 1 Entry into the Reno River Festival Raffle

The Battle Born is a 17K virtual run. Why 17K? That’s approximately the distance of the Truckee River from the Nevada-California state line to downtown Reno – the home of the Reno River Festival. This challenge can be completed in one shot for the experienced runner or spread out over several days or weeks depending on your schedule.


Registration opened on April 2nd. The medals are being made by a local company and will begin shipping out on April 20th.

Alissa Mattson  – Winnemucca, NV
Heather McWilliams – Fernley, NV
Chrissy Abina – Sparks, NV
Kriten Hunt – Reno, NV
Tammy McIntyre – Sparks, NV
Terry Bowers – Sparks, NV
Mike Carlson – Reno, NV
Michael Palfrey – Reno, NV
Tara Morgan – Sparks, NV
Gretchen Courting – Sparks, NV
Tiffany Humphrey – Reno, NV
Courtney Hurlbert – Reno, NV
Steven Abina – Sparks, NV
Becky Miller – Reno, NV
Stu Miller – Reno, NV
Jace MacFarlane – Reno, NV
Chelsea Guzman – Sparks, NV
Viki Windfeldt – Sparks, NV
Katie Windfeldt – Sparks, NV
Jill Cadmus – Reno, NV
Monica Nail – Sparks, NV
Janet Cryer – Reno, NV
Sophia Day – Grass Valley, CA
Matt Carpenter – Reno, NV
Vanessa Fuchs – Reno, NV
Nadia Gulestani – Bend, OR
Tiffany Brown Anderson
Zand Anderson
Aksel Anderson – Reno, NV
John VanEmmerik –  Carson City, NV
MJ VanEmmerik –  Carson City, NV
Valerie MacFarlane – Reno, NV
Butch Barlow – Reno, NV
Connie Barlow – Reno, NV
Laura Rader – Sparks, NV
Caroline Reyes – Sparks, NV
Erin Manning- Reno, NV
Deborah Bailey – Reno, NV
Ric Bailey – Reno, NV
Mariah Erickson – Reno, NV
Molly Kane – Las Vegas, NV
Jacquelyn Nader – Reno, NV
Jo-Anne Brandes – Sparks, NV
Karen Carlson – Reno, NV
Michael McClain – Sparks , NV
Kari Ross – Reno, NV
Jennifer Peterson – Reno, NV
Anna Rosales – Reno, NV
Kris Andrus – Sparks, NV
Alejandra Mora – Sparks, NV
Peggy Dupey – Reno, NV
Sara Robbins – Reno, NV
Mary Gee – Reno, NV
Tia Bushes – Sparks, NV
Brittany Sutliff – Reno, NV
Laura Gettis – Reno, NV
Tess Savage – Sparks, NV
Ashton Feemster – Sparks, NV
Lauren Feemster – Sparks, NV
Adisyn Nelson – Sparks, NV                                                                                            Lillian Heuberger – Sparks, NV



Registration: $75 – Provides at least 5 meals from local restaurants to first responders
($65 for each additional family member living at the same address)

Upon Completion: Includes a 6-inch Medal and 5 Entries into the Reno River Festival Raffle

This is for all the bragging rights. A bigger commitment means a larger charitable donation on your behalf, more entries into our Reno River Festival raffle, and a bigger medal. The Truckee flows for 121 miles from Lake Tahoe into Pyramid Lake. You will be running the equivalent of the full length of our river. You’ll definitely have to spread this challenge out, but it’s not as daunting as it may seem. If you run, jog, walk, or bike roughly four miles a day, you will complete the Full Truckee in a month. That averages out to about an hour or a couple of sitcom episodes a day.


Registration opened on April 2nd. The medals are being made by a local company and will begin shipping out on April 20th.

Jared Winter – Reno, NV
Jason Elia – Reno, NV
Alissha Mattson – Winnemucca, NV
Cat mess – Sparks, NV
Erica Myers – Reno, NV
Sky Sessions – Reno, NV
Grey Meyer – Reno, NV
Kyle Backlund – Sparks, NV
Debra Crowley – Reno, NV
Lauren Kinder – Reno, NV
Raquel Hernandez – Reno, NV
Hope Rinehimer – Virginia City, NV
Lisi Drake – Reno, NV
Jen Rains – Sparks, NV
Megan Meagher – Reno, NV
Steven Abina – Sparks, NV
Brandon MacFarlane – Reno, NV
Kelly Glenn – Reno, NV
Donal Caldwell – Reno, NV
Tom Smith – Reno, NV
Ashlie Teixeira-Smith – Reno, NV
JoAnne McClain – Sparks, NV
Anne McClain – Sparks, NV
Melissa Brown – Reno, NV
Lancer Brown – Reno, NV
Claudia Bessette – Reno, NV
John Goetz – Reno, NV
Traci Demattel – Dayton, NV
Julia Tayler – Sparks, NV
Shawn Tayler – Sparks, NV
Barbara Highison – Sparks, NV
Cortney Lenardson – Reno, NV
Deb OGorman – Reno, NV
Alicia Lerud – Reno, NV
Kristin Coultas – Reno, NV
Jason Chavez – Lake Jackson TX
Allie Scurry – Reno, NV
Brittany Faccinetti – Reno, NV
Adrian Faccinetti – Reno, NV
Andrea Beach – Reno, NV
Jim Beach – Reno, NV
Garrett Diegel – Fallon, NV
Kristie Connolly – Reno, NV
Kelti Puryear – Sparks, NV
Janine Robinson – Sparks, NV
Erin Bittick – Reno, NV
Danielle Springmeyer – Reno, NV
Tayna Durarte – Sparks, NV
Sean Barrite – Sparks, NV
Heidi Kashyap – Pleasanton, CA
Krista Cioffi – Reno, NV
Katherine Holzenthal – Reno NV                                                                                 
Ava Heuberger – Sparks, NV                                                                                         
Chester Copperpot – Sparks, NV
Peanut Horning – Sparks, NV

These medals are mock-ups. The lanyards will be designed to match the virtual event.

 Some Important Points:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is encouraging families to get outside for physical and mental health. If you choose to go outside, DO practice social distancing of at least six feet from other members of the public and DO NOT touch any outdoor equipment. As soon as you get home, DO wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. If you feel sick DO stay home!

DO NOT meet up with other people to complete the Virtual River Run. The CDC recommends you avoid any discretionary social visits. If you need a running buddy, DO encourage family members who you are social distancing with to get up and get moving with you.

DO NOT travel outside of your own neighborhood or community

DO avoid popular walking routes in favor of less crowded alternatives

DO join the virtual community Reno River Festival’s Virtual River Run Facebook Group where you can share your journey, motivate others, build each other up, and maybe even make some new friends

DO tell everyone you know to sign-up so our community can donate more money to Feed Our Heroes

DO use this as a motivation to take a break from binge-watching shows and scrolling through the Internet

DO post a picture with your hard-earned medal

DO have fun! This is all about doing something positive for you, local businesses, and our heroes

Net proceeds from your registration into the Virtual River Run will go to Feed Our Heroes. Learn more about how the charity helps first responders by keeping our local economy moving:

Deadline to Finish the Virtual River Run to Receive a Medal is Sunday, May 10th, 2020

By registering for the Virtual River Run, you are agreeing to comply with all CDC, Federal, State, and Local Government restrictions and recommendations regarding social distancing and the prevention of the spread of COVID-19.

CDC Resources:

Department of Health and Human Services Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health Resources:

Washoe County Health District Resources:


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