Wingfield Park Whitewater Park was completed in 2003. To celebrate this final stage in a multi-million-dollar downtown revitalization campaign, the first Reno River Festival was held with freestyle kayaking as the centerpiece of the event. Over the last 12 years, the festival routinely sees over 40,000 visitors who enjoy sunning on the riverbanks, watching pro kayakers duke it out, listening to live music, shopping merchandise tents, sampling food and beverage gardens, and learning to kayak in the beginner channel. The River Festival kicks off the summer season in Reno/Tahoe and features the best freestyle kayakers and has always been central to the world-wide marketing campaign for Reno/Tahoe.

For the past 8 years, the RRF has offered a purse of around $4,000 for Men’s and Women’s Freestyle, with approximately a $10,000 budget for all whitewater events. The RRF offers competitive prizes, a unique venue (42,000 spectators in 2016), two world class features, and the fun and exciting downtown Reno culture. Downtown Reno is a 40-minute drive to one of the largest and most beautiful lakes in the world: Lake Tahoe. The Classic California Creeks are within a two-hour drive of downtown. For over a decade the Reno River Festival has been one of the favorite stops on the freestyle kayak circuit, each year showcasing the top ranking whitewater athletes in the world.

One of the greatest strengths of the Reno whitewater park design is that there are amazing features at all water levels. From 700 – 3,000 cfs hole 3 is fantastic, above 400cfs hole 5 provides every freestyle move in the book to the discerning playboater. The weekend of the River Fest is set to coincide with the annual peak runoff on the Truckee River, giving us the greatest chance for perfect flows.

Whitewater events and schedule coming soon.